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I had a completely brutal final exam on Monday that left my brain mush for the rest of the week and oddly unable to sleep. 10 questions that I spent the full 3 hours on. I left at 5min left to go and most of the class was still there, so that made me feel better about it. I did better than I thought, but then again I always leave thinking I’d failed. Which is kind of absurd since I never get anything below a B. Final grade: A! Total GPA: 4.0!

I’m only partially disappointed that there are no classes I can take over the summer. I need a break, but I really don’t want to be pushing 40 when I graduate. I suppose now I have time to catch up on some things.

Coding Portability:
Last night I found a group of women coders who meet once a week to sit around and code together. They do have other meetups also. The problem is that my laptop is a 3 year old eee pc running linux. I want the ease of going back and forth from my desktop, so I just went ahead and reformatted and installed win7. It’s running fine, but there isn’t enough room on the main drive to install visual studio. So I guess I’ll just remote in or use notepad++ for now. At least until I can buy a new one. The bonus is that I can go to a coffee shop or sit outside and code anytime I please. Good thing since it’s getting hot and my apartment doesn’t have AC.

I need to play more. I have a stack of games that I want to play/need to finish but enough desire to at the moment to find the time. Today was my first full day of not having anything I needed to do and I played Diablo III for about 10min. Instead I logged out, walked to staples, and bought some random supplies. Perhaps I’ll fare better tomorrow.

Women in Computing Conference:
This week I received an email about a scholarship to Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2012 conference. DePaul is sending 5 students this year – airfare, hotel and registration included. I don’t actually remember when the last time I wrote an essay, but I’m going to get a shot. Nothing to loose.

Summer Learning List:
Right now I’m reading Effective C++. After that (or perhaps during for coding practice) I’m going to learn openGL. I also have a book on directx that I might dust off. Then there is C# and Unity3D.

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