Anna Becker
Software Engineer

one crazy summer

3 months just isn’t a long enough time. Or maybe I just do too much.

I moved twice. My new landlord mixed up moving dates and it was a big mess of sleeping on a futon and living out of boxes for a month between leaving my old place and moving into my new one. At least I wasn’t sleeping out of my car that doesn’t exist. Sleeping out of my bike would have been a bit difficult. I could have taken the unit I was camping out in for a month, but I’m glad to be away from the lady upstairs and the constant speed metal downstairs. My real place is super quiet.

I’m almost fully unpacked. A few bits and pieces here and there and artwork to put up. I’ve got the ps3 and computer hooked up. And the pc connected to the tv with a wireless controller. And the Legos scattered about. What more could I ask for?

I didn’t spend enough time on this. I always say I will, and then I find other things to distract me. Stuff like life. I got through a couple of the books I wanted to, and spent a lot of time on Project Euler, which at least is something.

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