Anna Becker
Software Engineer

fundamentals of game programing

Last term was mental. I took this class that covered the game loop, collision basics, controls, cameras, OpenGL, etc. In all honesty, it really wasn’t all that difficult. I had a crazy amount of fun – especially with collisions. It really was the first time I made a game (mostly from scratch) from start to finish. I say mostly because we were working with a simple game engine that was made for the class. It did however make the structure of a game make sense from the update->collision->draw basic loop to adding levels.

What was mental about the experience was the sheer amount of things we were doing in a short amount of time. I had a week to make pong. Another week to code asteroids. Luckily the final game (missile command) we had a bit more time. I still have the games and I may or may not post them.

We were also grouped up for the entire term so for the first time I had someone to ask when I got stuck. Though I did end up spending more time helping him than the reverse. It was still a good experience. We had actually met up for coffee and coding a couple of times.

I’m trying to post more going forward. I really am going to try this time. So maybe it’ll sound less like a quick rundown from memory and more of an actual code brain dump.

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