Anna Becker
Software Engineer

Game Engine – File System and Math Lib

Last week I was sick. I started to feel normalish by Wed and then woke up to my sinuses exploding on Thursday morning. Somehow through the haze, I managed to finish PA3 – the file system – on Friday. And part of Saturday. Man was that painful.

I hit a wall with the mode and seek enums that I worked out, but need to fix. I’m not certain what the point of decoding the settings the way we are. Perhaps if I remember it, I will ask.

I didn’t watch the last lecture until today so maybe I have to change the fixes I made to the file system. Basically I catch the errors and return a fail instead of the crash. I might have to ask if that’s OK. Just added a bit to the close():

//check if handle is valid
      return FILE_CLOSE_FAIL;

Yesterday I started on the math library (Vector and Matrix), but didn’t get too far into it before I had to stop.

Today, I woke up with saying to myself: certainly feels like a sinus infection. Fun stuff. Luckily the CVS 2 blocks away has a clinic and I had my antibiotics within an hour.

The rest of the day was pretty slow going. I would highly suggest anyone avoid coding with a sinus infection at all costs. After several hours not seeing the issue with: float &operator[] (const enum x_emum), I finally asked. It’s like looking through frosted glass and yet I just cleaned my glasses.

The rest of the vector class went pretty smoothy once I got into it. Snails pace, but it’s done. Hopefully soon these pills will kill off whatever is holding my head hostage.

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