Anna Becker
Software Engineer

Game Engine – Update

My last two classes were Game Engine 1 and 2. During the first, part of the homework was keeping a dev blog, but that was dropped the second time around. I’ve copied and expanded some of the blog posts to this site before I delete the other. Some of the information was interesting, but most of it was:

I keep getting sick. This is nonsense. I’ll be on the mend and then just get sick again.

Which was what my winter/spring was. 2 colds that needed antibiotics to finally get rid of followed up by the worst allergy season in recorded history. I work in an open office with people who don’t take time off for being sick. We call it kindergarten as colds just keep being passed around. Just as I was getting over bronchitis, my body decided the best course of action would be to fight off the pollen. In my throat.

Game Engine 1:

  • Parent/child/sibling tree
  • Memory system – overloading new/delete and allocating to our own heap system
  • File system
  • Math library – vector and matrix
  • Graphics engine – Using OpenGL and the libraries we made

Game Engine 2:

  • File archiver – take binary files, convert to our own file system (with header) and then merge all the files.
  • FBX converter – Using the FBX SDK, get all the information we need in the format for the game engine, write to files and run through the archiver
  • Math library – add quaterion math for rotations.
  • Animation converter – same as the FBX converter, but with animations.

Summer Independent Study:
I’m adding a collision system to my game engine. My professor doesn’t seem to worried about how far I will get with it. Right now I have bounding volumes – sphere and axis aligned bounding box – and easily extendable. We’ll see how it goes.

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