Anna Becker
Software Engineer

Game Engine

Engine June 2013

This was a 2 term set of classes to create a basic 3D OpenGL game engine.  Animation video demo can be found here.

Core Systems

  • Memory system – Win32 fixed block heap
  • File system – (Win32) load in place
  • Object system – Parent / child / sibling tree
  • Math system – Vector, Matrix, Quaternion library

FBX Model Converter

  • FBX converter
  • Animation exporter

File Archiver

  • Takes the FBX data from the converter and formats into file chunks
  • Adds headers for the game engine

Game Engine

  • Transformations
  • Camera
  • Drawing polygons using triangle strips
  • Vertex buffers
  • Scene graph
  • Object culling
  • Loads models and animations from archiver
  • Animation playback
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  • C++
  • FBX
  • Linear Algebra
  • OpenGL